pageant platform is a cause that a contestant chooses to volunteer her time to either bring awareness to, raise money, or implement a program she has created that will help address the problem.

List of National Charities (Keywords)

  1. March of Dimes
  2. International Travel to Become Global Citizens
  3. Drowning Prevention/Water Safety
  4. Boys and Girls Club of America
  5. Girl Scouts of America
  6. 4-H
  7. Helping Hand for America’s Seniors (visiting nursing home residents)
  8. Eating Disorder Education and Awareness
  9. Global Awareness
  10. National Alopecia Areata Foundation
  11. Preventive Medical Care
  12. Bullying
  13. Scoliosis Awareness
  14. Volunteerism
  15. Susan G. Komen Foundation
  16. Preventing Domestic Violence
  17. Mentoring
  18. Girls Inc.
  19. AIDS Awareness
  20. Homelessness Prevention and Awareness
  21. Support of the Arts
  22. Connecting the Generations
  23. Positive Body Image
  24. Fighting Childhood Hunger
  25. Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking
  26. Acknowledging the good in your neighbors and neighborhood
  27. Organ Donation
  28. Asthma Awareness
  29. Prevention of Underage Drinking
  30. Cancer Prevention through Overall Wellness
  31. Literacy/Read Across America
  32. Equality
  33. Cancer Research
  34. Youth Leadership Development
  35. Character Development
  36. Child Exploitation
  37. Consequences of Peer Pressure
  38. Children’s Miracle Network
  39. Dangers of Distracted Driving/ Texting While Driving
  40. Dress for Success
  41. Dropout Prevention
  42. Autism Speaks
  43. Citizenship
  44. Running for Public Office
  45. Dance: Movement Towards Better Health
  46. Building Positive Self-Image
  47. Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  48. Care for animals
  49. Internet/social media safety
  50. Recycle/ Environmental Green projects
  51. Second Harvest Food Bank
  52. Obesity


 Arts & Culture
 Community Service
 Disaster Relief
 Human Rights

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 Boulder City
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 Virginia City
 Zephyr Cove


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